Avant Muse Casts for Lucent Dossier NYC

Philip Joseph of Avant Muse calls in the New York areas finest talent for the debut of The Lucent Dossier Experience in NYC.  After three solid days of casting at The Muse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we are excited to announce that AM cast twelve talented performers to the Lucent NYC performance roster.  It was a real pleasure to work with Dream Rockwell along with Andrew Cohen of Art House and Jody Levy of Stitch.


A huge congratulations goes out to the selected performers:

Hannah Thiem – Musician
Seanna Sharpe – Aerial Arts
Christine Geiger – Aerial Arts
Matt Dallow – Musician
Solo Mason – Dancer
Rebekah Burke – Aerial Arts
Sarah Sadie Newett – Aerial Arts
Christopher Bousquet – Circus
Cole Della Zucca – Aerial Arts
Dan Stern – Aerial Arts
Helena Reynolds – Aerial Arts
Luisa Bastidas – Musician


Getting a little crazy with the fire auditions in Brooklyn…  We made our own little traffic jam on Kent Ave.