CYMATIK Opening at IMAGINE Gallery NYC

CYMATIK had an epic opening at the IMAGINE Gallery in NYC on February 1st 2014.  The project met eager and enthusiastic attendees from all corners of interest:  Sound healers, music enthusiasts, scientists, shamans and curious revelers lined up for over 3 hours to interact and play with Frequency Lab, which is the first interactive offering of CYMATIK.

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STELLA is an interactive sculpture that tells a tale of a memory captured from a time before. The memory of a woman met along a journey in a far off place at a far off time. As a participant interacts with each of the drawers they discover long forgotten items and a unique audio journey that is triggered upon opening. Each drawer delivers a different layer of the story along with different artifacts leaving behind traces of who Stella was…  Open each draw one at a time or mix the matrix of memories and soundscapes.

Stella comes together through the creative genius of:

Creative Direction: Jody Levy
Chest Design: Yarrow Mazzetti
Sound Design: Philip Joseph
Interactive Technology: Kent Corbell
Voice Over: Betty-Kay Kendrick

The exhibition is open at the WAN*DER*LUST Gallery from April 16 – May 26 2013 at 72 Wooster street, Soho, New York City



PjOE Debuts The illumin-S Laser Harp at Gratitude*NYC 2011

On December 10th 2011 PjOE took the stage at the annual Gratitude*NYC event with a major show stopper.  At midnight PjOE began his live musical journey accompanied with Hannah Thiem on violin, riffing to his hypnotic sound waves.  As the show built in energy the audience drew in closer, they could have not known what to expect next… A surprise crescendo opened into a big reveal, the first public sharing of the illumin-S Laser Harp.  Check out the video…