Time Is Art – WāKEN Musical Debut

Avant Muse & new musical artist WāKEN, is excited to announce the film score debut for Time Is Art: Synchronicity & the Collective Dream. The film explores the nature of reality as a creative journey based on a new sense of time, art. Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck and a host of other amazing minds and artists discuss a possible future based on a non-linear reality. For more on the film visit the website: www.thesyncmovie.com. Scroll down and check out the trailer and music from the motion picture from WāKEN.


Time Is Art – Music From The Motion Picture by WāKEN 

Waken Time Is Art

REAL EYES Rocks Iceland for The Secret Solstice Festival

Coming to Iceland for the Secret Solstice Festival was quite the adventure. The scene was 24 hours of sunlight… Seven days and no nights. Time stood still and reality blended into infinite moments along the forever days.

We would have to say that The Secret Solstice Festival was quite the success all around. Not only was it another great show from REAL EYES, it was also the freshman year for the festival and might we say, job WELL done. The music world no doubt will see many more years to come for this awesome Icelandic treat.

The event production was flawless and the festival revelers from all corners of the globe were eager for the list of topnotch international talent. REAL EYES joined the festival roster along side of Massive Attack, Disclosure, Banks, Gluteus Maximus, Jamie Jones and Damian Lazarus with Rebelrave to name only a few of the 150 acts.

REAL EYES played the second largest of five sound stages to an excited and energetic audience. They brought the crowd on an hour and forty minute journey, through mostly new, unreleased improvised material and some favorite live remixed tracks. Re-IN-Joy…

A huge major thanks goes out to Fred, Krisjian & the whole Secret Solstice team, Jon, Haukur and Skapti from Hljodx (www. Hljodx.is) for an amazing sound system and support on stage, Elifer and Alex from Snark Films (www.snark.is) for the amazing cinemaphotography and of corse our team at Avant Muse.

CYMATIK Opening at IMAGINE Gallery NYC

CYMATIK had an epic opening at the IMAGINE Gallery in NYC on February 1st 2014.  The project met eager and enthusiastic attendees from all corners of interest:  Sound healers, music enthusiasts, scientists, shamans and curious revelers lined up for over 3 hours to interact and play with Frequency Lab, which is the first interactive offering of CYMATIK.

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PjOE Debuts The illumin-S Laser Harp at Gratitude*NYC 2011

On December 10th 2011 PjOE took the stage at the annual Gratitude*NYC event with a major show stopper.  At midnight PjOE began his live musical journey accompanied with Hannah Thiem on violin, riffing to his hypnotic sound waves.  As the show built in energy the audience drew in closer, they could have not known what to expect next… A surprise crescendo opened into a big reveal, the first public sharing of the illumin-S Laser Harp.  Check out the video…

TED.tv, Singular:Symmetry

Singular:Symmetry is a three-part performance that explores contrast and balance through sound, movement, and imagery. Composer and musician Philip Joseph Restine III brings the story into vibrational resonance, directing a live performance supported by violinist HAANA and visual artist Kamil Nawratil.

Major thanks goes out to Lisa & Dana for making this happen… Additional thanks to Rodrigo for visual work and Evan Miller for lighting magic.