Avant Muse is always engaged in creating magic. From musical and theatrical performances to interactive controllers and environments, workshops and educational experiences. Our passion is bringing uplifting and inspiring experiences to the masses.  We work at the intersection of entertaining experiential education and sacred intentional celebration.

Art & artistry are the lifeblood of Avant Muse. All of our artists, performers and musicians bring unique sonic, visual and mind-expanding experiences to any event or festival. From live deep house to glitchy-electronica; esoteric healing sounds; immersive and interactive environments to workshops and talks. You will find our visionaries on large festival stages moving the masses, provocative underground venues and hosting talks that spreading infinite wisdom. Across the wide range of our offerings participants always leave an Avant Muse experience deeply touched and uplifted.


We bring feature music performances that blow the mind and move the soul.  Our music artists have shared the limelight and opened for MOBY, Massive Attack, Disclosure, Beats Antique, Banks, Damien Lazarus, Carl Craig, Jamie Jones, Kerri Chandler, Shpongle, Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, Tara Brooks, Bluetech, The Human Experience, Ancient Astronauts, Saint Vie, Jillian Ann/Ritual, Lucent Dossier, Quixotic, The National, EOTO, Bassnectar and many more…





Avant Muse presents the highest caliber of performers bringing provocative storytelling through movement and music.  Featuring true global masters of craft, each performance is a ritual act that explores other worlds and the edges of the human body.  From world break dance champion to goddess seduction, we bring the fire that sets stages across the globe ablaze.


Bridging the gap between the arts & sciences, the Avant Muse creates interactive installations that push the boundaries of the disciplines and technologies involved to weave new, immersive tapestries of light, sound and movement that envelope a space and invite participants into magic and wonder.


Avant Muse presents powerful story tellers and workshop leaders that provide new frames from which to view the world through. Esoteric teachings merge with modern scientific and allegorical information that gives participants a breath of fresh air with new ways of understanding the self and others. The body meets its edge through movement and the mind stretched through deep breathing techniques of ancient masters.