Experience: PjOE


Hailing from New York City, this up and coming electronic music composer, producer & live remixer / performer is finding his place on the map.  Philip Joseph is a vibrational veteran, with a vast and colorful background, he has many musical experiences and talents to source from.   For him, the electronic medium of expression allows for limitless possibilities that enable his experience as a percussionist, jazz bassist, singer-songwriter and front man in his past touring bands to all shine through.

Having studied electric and upright jazz bass and winning The Berklee College of Music Judges Choice Award, he understands the groove of a bass line and the connection it has to the rhythm of the drums.  Also a force on percussion, he plays live with NYC headlining DJs, in his drum ensemble called Da’Riddim INya and in PjOE live performances.  On stage or in the studio he gets around on guitar, piano, synths, didgeridoo, tuning forks and a slew of other sound shakers and vibration makers.  His strong ear for all forms of music and sound can be heard in his use of orchestrated blips and beeps throughout his sonic stylings.  His zeal for blending the analog and digital can be heard in his productions while the deep grooves in his tunes and mix sets are ever present.

PjOE is dynamic in his style and articulate in his use of tone tempo and pattern.  Finding a flow in the groove and a depth in the mix message is his first nature. He rests on an ever expanding sound foundation of neuroscience and the magic that modern research has found quantified in the roots of vibration and our perceptions of our unified and individual realities.  Studying trance rhythms from the shamanic stand point and how that relates to the brain and states of consciousness has enabled him to find deeper grasps on the tools of frequency.  Going deeper still he has studied sound and the resonance of ancient structures to reveal that there are basic harmonic principals that the micro and macro and these sacred proportions can be reflected in music.  His current journey is to experiment with the universal bio-sonic qualities of our human and spiritual experience while bringing them into his flow of creation…

Philip Joseph is prolific in the genres he produces, finding home in a vast collage of sounds and styles.  House, Electronica, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Classical Compositions, Sound Design and a spiraling mixture of the aforementioned.  Devastating bass to sonic bliss polarities are expressed in the tension and release of PjOE’s compositions.  Symphonic to electronic – the full tapestry of sound and frequencies are represented through his ever expanding work.

Philip Joseph has a few modes of performance, some more live than others.  His house music sets range from DJ mixes to Ableton Live remix sets.  As an Ableton performer he blends his original music and other tracks from around the world into entrancing journeys.  Sometimes you can find him playing live drums and the Didgeridoo independent or in conjunction with his dance beat base.  You can hear him playing to large dance floor audiences and captivated rooms around the globe.