Experience: Sonic Attunement


Rain Wakefield & friends presents the acclaimed Avant Muse sound experience – Sonic Attunement Sound Journey Meditation.

As a workshop The Sonic Attunement experience begins with a brief talk on sound and how vibration relates to states of consciousness and physical wellbeing. The talk is followed by group breathing exercises and then group sounding. After the talk and exercises; deep tones, binaural beats and subsonic frequencies begin to wash away thought and provide a space to deeply connect with the self.

Sonic Attunement has been presented at events of all sizes, hosted in private spaces, sacred places, festivals and art museums.



Sonic Attunement implements non-western tuning systems designed to harmoniously work with human bio-physiology and consciousness, creating balance and coherence.  432hz fundamental, solfeggio tones and universal overtone harmonics are at the heart of the frequency set.

Gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, modern electronics and specialized algorithms design by Rain Wakefield create a blend where ancient meets future.

The experience is designed to balance the body by accessing the central nervous system with sound.  In this way a state of calm and harmony is created through the laws of entrainment.


Partners & Collaborators

Sonic Attunement is a powerful sound transmission perfect for yoga classes, healing sanctuaries, transformational festivals or private events. The project has been featured at the following venues and intentional gatherings – Medi Club / Big Quiet NYC, WOOM Center, Wanderlust, Envision Festival, Gratitude Migration, Peace Accelerators.


Friends of sonic Attunement

Sonic Attunement is an open platform for collaboration.  The project has worked with Malia Kulp, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Kai Altair, David & Elian Zach-Shemesh, Josh Peck & Eliza Philpott, Jessica Caplan, Johnathan Yong and Oliver Allaux.


Biometric Tracking

As a workshop, Sonic Attunement can provide before and after biometric scans.  These scans track the participants movement into a greater state of coherence.