Rites Of Passage


Amy Secada’s Rites of Passage leads the audience on a journey from Womb to World, Shadow to Light. The initiation of the ego death as the soul falls into the arms of faith and the dimension of sacred vibration.

Musical score featuring original compositions by WAKEN RAIN with live violin from HÄANA, live vocals by MALIA and live drumming from RAIN.  Featuring Red Bull BC One World Champion B-boy Neguin and Amy Secada as “Shadow” and “Light.”

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Amy Secada is a mastermind in dance and theater.  Traveling globally with her visions she has graced the worlds greatest halls, theaters and festival stages with her multilayered storytelling and costume allegory.

Da Riddim INya

Da Riddim INya is a flow of rhythmic action, which burns with a fire called passion. We speak to the beat within everyone, which is our heart – the rhythm in us. It’s a calling you can hear through the beats, your soul cannot ignore…your feet they just want more, pulsing drums touching your core… This condition is called…Da Riddim INya!



Echoing the sounds of the Nordic coast and urban dance halls, cinematic sonic bass producer/violinist HÄANA blends folk songs and improvised instrumental/vocal music with cutting edge electronic sounds, counting Massive Attack, Phaeleh, Trentemøller, and Ólafur Arnalds as influences in crafting her sound. The resulting sonic palate takes listeners on “a kind of mystical journey” (PopMatters), whose destination is a crossroads between classical and contemporary, organic and man-made, familiar and mysterious. “Luminous frequencies and violin instrumentation tied with foreign Icelandic lyrical messages are found in her voice…” (AfroMonk) “It has the ability to seep into your soul in ways only orchestral and electronic music can.” (Infectious Magazine)



Hailing from another dimension, this electronic music composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, live remixer / performer and sound healer is breaking down boundaries.  WAKN REYN is a vibrational veteran, with a vast and colorful background in sound under a host of past monikers and pseudonyms he has produced remixes for Sony recording artists and composed music for Deepak Chopra.  Across the audible topography he traverses the wide expanses of deep DJ sets to high energy live performances featuring the custom built illumin-S Laser Harp. WAKN REYN is a master of the vibrations and will lead you on a journey into new domains in original and improvised “pray-formances.”  His shows have been performed on TED.tv for a debut live performance as PjOE, Envision Festival, The Pex Summer Festival and many New York City events from Disorient and Gratitude*NYC warehouse dance floors to the underground art scenes and fashion runways of NYC.