Sonic Attunement

Sonic Attunement is a transformational sound meditation platform and next generation sound-wellness experience that blends art and science. The offering is presented as an amplified electro-acoustic sound journey meditation to small and large groups. The experience can be presented as a live performance or an in-depth workshop. In either instance, the unique and powerful mixture of sound science and art will transport revelers to new realms.

In workshop settings the experience begins with a brief talk on sound and how this vibration relates to the nervous system. Following the talk is group guided breath work. The offering closes with the electro-acoustic sound journey meditation. Perfect for private events, yoga studios and workshop / wellness stages at festivals.

In performance settings the offering removes the opening talk and focuses on the sonic offering exclusively. Sonic Attunement for a large event is presented as an intentional sound ceremony. The experience in this way opens with a vocally guided theme relative to the moment. The evocations bring awareness towards creating a harmonic group dynamic. The audience is lead into breath-work through gesturally guided audience participation prompts. This experience is perfect for opening and closing a festival or sunrise evocations. Offerings of gratitude and human connection come forth out of the group harmony that is created.




Sonic Attunement implements non-western tuning systems designed to harmoniously work with human bio-physiology and consciousness, creating balance and coherence.  432hz fundamental, solfeggio tones and universal overtone harmonics are at the heart of the frequency set.

Gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, modern electronics and specialized algorithms design by Reyn Wakefield create a blend where ancient meets future.

The experience is designed to balance the body by accessing the central nervous system with sound.  In this way a state of calm and harmony is created through the laws of entrainment.


Science Behind The Sound

Sonic Attunement has provided biometric scans at select events. The study conducted nearly 100 scans of participants before and after the Sonic Attunement. We found a general trend towards wellness as shown in our test results. The scan depicted below is a typical and average shift in alignment and balancing of energies after an our long Sonic Attunement session.

Partners & Collaborators

Sonic Attunement is a powerful sound transmission perfect for yoga classes, healing sanctuaries, transformational festivals or private events. The project has been featured at the following venues and intentional gatherings – Inscape, Welcome Earth, Medi Club / Big Quiet NYC, WOOM Center, Wanderlust, Envision Festival, Gratitude Migration, Peace Accelerators.