Immersive Igloo


IMMERSIVE IGLOO is an immersive spatial audio play space featuring an eveloping eight point multi channel sound system.

• Immersive 3D Spatial Sound Journeys
• Electro-Acoustic Sound Healing
• Intimate space hosting Workshops, Talks & Meditations
• Chill Space
• Interactive Content



The Immersive Igloo offers a unique and alluring turnkey environment for your event or festival. The installation is supported by years of experience in immersive 3D spatial sound journeys, electro-acoustic sound healing, interactive art, workshops, talks and meditations.




Bodyglyph taps into the legacy of holistic ritual arts with a focus on the temporary ancestral adornment of the body. Lead by nomadic artist Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, the experience begins with a talk about the inspiration and reasons for this ancient ritual.  Come learn to work with the human body as a canvas. Participants are invited to paint along and gather inspiration from Oliver while he is live painting on volunteers while he talks about his process.


Yoga Moves


Yoga Moves was created by Tómas Oddur Eiríksson in Reykjavík, Iceland as a healthy and fun way to shake off the stress while connecting to one’s self and others. Tomas has spent years honing his skills on yoga mats and dance floors around the world. He brings this experience to Yoga Moves: a unique collaboration with a DJ that takes you on a musical journey through yoga, free dancing, and meditation.

Tomas begins by sharing a unique theme and some inspirational words of wisdom and then we are guided to go within ourselves through deep breathing and a dynamic yoga flow. Tomas’ words and guided movements uplift the group’s energy as the music flows from chilled out yoga vibes to booming bass and high energy dancing that creates the climax of the experience. After the group is fully awake, energized and connected from the yoga dance, the music flow slows and the group lays down for a final guided meditation into a deep state of relaxation.

The vision of Yoga Moves is world where these events serve to create and connect a global community of people from all walks of life that share the vision of using yoga, dance and music to connect more deeply and work together in a harmonious way.

Soul Song Celebration

experience-workshop-soul-song-celebration-malia-sing-01Soul Song Celebration is a mixed discipline vocal play workshop designed to lead participants into deeper union with themselves and the group.  The foundation of this workshop uses the voice as a gateway towards building group consciousness and an inroad to remembering our interconnectedness. The workshop experiences uses guided meditation, breath-work, singing and movement exercises, with a focus on improvisation, to create self awareness, musical community and a space for expression. In circle-song, the group will create improvised songs with layered vocal parts, interesting rhythms and opportunities to share the joy of being alive through unique creation.  Explore the presence of the moment and explore deeper as a group through the love of sound.



The illumin-S interactive laser instrument is designed for live gestural music performances. The controller interacts with synthesizers, drum loops, fx and arrangements, live in real time. The controller was developed by PjOE for his live electronic music performances and is also available as a customizable standalone interactive exhibit for museums and festivals. The illumin-S can also be configured to work with CYMATIK.  The illumin-S is currently in its beta 2.0 version which recently added full three dimensional articulation and updated custom software.

illumin-S & CYMATIK


Merging the worlds of the illumin-S & CYMATIK bring together a deeply immersive sound and visual space where participants can explore and play with sound, light and water.  We can customize the experience for any venue or space.  Learn more about CYMATIK.




CYMATIK is an interactive sound installation that allows individuals and groups the opportunity to explore the limits of form and chaos. The purpose of the experience is about enabling participants the chance to connect to themselves more as vibrational beings by interacting with sound that creates organic visual feedback.  By manipulating frequency and sound with custom controller interfaces, (iPads, movement / gestural input, musical instruments and the voice) participants are invited to explore vibration as it relates to the material world.  Through user controlled and applied sound vibrations, perfect and alive sacred geometries or vibrational chaos is created within custom designed and fabricated scientifically tuned cymatic devices.  Real-time video feed back of sound into mater shows the power that sound has on water.  Explore the music of the spheres, quantum resonance, the voice, musical instruments and more.  Video is delivered via LCD screens or large scale immersive projections.

CYMATIK lets participants gain a first hand understanding of how the human experience is relating to our highly charged vibrational environments. Sound Waves, Electricity, Wireless, EMFs, Cellular Data, Microwaves, Schumann Resonance and beyond; each band width of vibration is programing the reality around us.

Within the microcosm of CYMATIK we can begin to understand and see how frequency affects the water of our bodies by observing the infinite patterns that can be created in the experience. Will you create harmony or chaos? Come and explore with us.