Sonic Atunement Live Recording from PEX Summer Festival 2013

For this year’s PEX Summer Festival PjOE was invited to lead a special sound meditation for the last evening of the festivities.  it was the perfect opportunity to share The Sonic Atunement Sound Journey Meditation experience.  Oliver Halsman Rosenberg joined in with his array of singing bowls and other sonic tools into the fold with PjOE’s specialized tuning forks, bells and electronics (Ableton Live and analog synths). Together the pair held a powerful sound space for the participants to go deep into meditation.  Post event we interviewed some of the participants about their experience, the feedback was powerful.  Enjoy the live recording of the experience, feel free to download and share.

About The Performance

The set up was a blended weaving of analog and digital improvisation. Collectively the project implemented 14 singing bowls, 3 sets of tuning forks, bells, chimes, jaw harp, Access TI Polar keyboard, Ableton Live, Omnisphere, iPad touch screen controllers, Bossa Bass module, AKAI MPC40, Apollo UAD Quad Core, a MacBook Pro, PjOE & Oliver’s vocal stylings and some other odds and ends.

All of the tonal instruments (synthesizers, software plugins, etc.) are tuned to 432hz, which is thought to be more in tune with cosmic resonance.

Download and enjoy, any time you want to go deep, relax or travel through sound.

Big thanks to the PEX folks for providing us an amazing space to explore…