STELLA is an interactive sculpture that tells a tale of a memory captured from a time before. The memory of a woman met along a journey in a far off place at a far off time. As a participant interacts with each of the drawers they discover long forgotten items and a unique audio journey that is triggered upon opening. Each drawer delivers a different layer of the story along with different artifacts leaving behind traces of who Stella was…  Open each draw one at a time or mix the matrix of memories and soundscapes.

Stella comes together through the creative genius of:

Creative Direction: Jody Levy
Chest Design: Yarrow Mazzetti
Sound Design: Philip Joseph
Interactive Technology: Kent Corbell
Voice Over: Betty-Kay Kendrick

The exhibition is open at the WAN*DER*LUST Gallery from April 16 – May 26 2013 at 72 Wooster street, Soho, New York City